Paper Trading Resources

I can’t promise this is a comprehensive list, but it is what I’ve found so far. If there’s any that I forgot to include, please let me know in the comments section below.

I personally can vouch for paperMoney. It is a system affiliated with the thinkorswim options trading platform on TD Ameritrade. Great computer interface and ability to use the thinkorswim mobile application. Pretty much anything you can do with the “real” version of thinkorswim, you can do with the paperMoney version. This includes backtesting and integration with the mytrade thinkShare website. I’m not sure about the other brokerage-affiliated offerings, but you get a paperMoney account when you sign up for a TD Ameritrade account OR you can get a stand-alone paperMoney account without having to sign up for the brokerage account.

(not in any particular order)
1) paperTRADE with tradeMONSTER
2) thinkorswim paperMoney by TD Ameritrade
3) Trading Simulator on the TradeStation Platform
4) Virtual Trade at optionsXpress by Charles Schwab

1) Virtual Trading Paper Trade at HowTheMarketWorks (affiliated with Stock-Trak)
2) Stock-Trak Global Portfolio Simulations
3) Virtual Options & Trading – CBOE
4) Wall Street Survivor – Learn to Invest
5) Paper Trading Club
6) Investopedia Stock Simulator
7) Day Trading Simulator
8) Practice Investing, Stock Market Game –

Forex trading only:
Learn to trade – OANDA fxTrade
Free practice account at

iOS Applications (currently free):
1) ChartIQ Practice Trading Simulator
2) Stock Wars – Virtual Investing
3) Investing Academy – Learn to Invest
4) Fantasy Stock Picks: Investing Simulation
5) thinkorswim (affiliated with TD Ameritrade)

What are your favorite paper trading programs? Any I forgot to include?

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