April 2019 Income

This April I received $333.00, compared with $474.25 in April 2018. The decrease comes from selling GE and not receiving its dividend (GE drastically cut its dividend after I sold). BAC also paid in March this year rather than April, like last year.

Options: No new trades. See my options trading page for further details.

Symbol Dividend Amount
BAX $6.26
CSCO $43.17
CY $29.15
DEO $91.14
HUM $6.05
INGXF $7.68
KO $39.57
O $20.66
PGX $0.35
SOUHY $17.52
VTR $71.45

Total dividends for April 2019: $333.00
Total cumulative dividend income for 2019: $2542.93

Forward 12-Month Dividends: $10300.39
Hourly wage based on 40 hour work week (2087 hrs): $4.94/hour
Hourly wage based on non-stop work (8760 hrs): $1.18/hour

Total option income for April 2019: $0.00
Total cumulative option income for 2019: $0.00

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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  1. Two Investing –

    That is still awesome, even with the GE and BAC changes. $333 is a solid number and looks pretty cool being a round figure like that! As long as it isn’t double that number… haha


  2. That’s great. A shame it went down this year but hopefully next year will be better.
    Buy, Hold Long recently posted…April 2019 Net Worth (+3.42%)My Profile

  3. DivHut says:

    That GE stinker affected many of our fellow DGI peers. At least we are all sufficiently diversified so while it may have stung a bit it wasn’t a portfolio/passive income killer. Still a nice showing for the month. Keep up the good work!
    DivHut recently posted…May 2019 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

  4. Unfortunate to have a decrease, but I’m sure you’ll regroup and post growing numbers soon enough, Scott. Like seeing the DEO dividend. Not many portfolios have DEO leading the way.
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Monthly Dividend Income (Apr. 2019)My Profile

  5. Doug says:

    Glad you sold before the dividend cut. its always good to get out though with my luck there would have been no cut and the stock would have doubled lol. nice dividends received. last year was confusing for BAC as the 31st fell on a weekend and was not credited till the first. Sharebuilder had it in the account at midnight Sat morning but it still said 1 april or 2 apr whatever that monday was. You will get this back up to were it was in no time at all.
    Doug recently posted…MAIN Dividend increaseMy Profile

  6. Mr. Robot says:

    Nice round number 😉

    Interesting list of companies paying you, we share two names this month.

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