July 2014 Dividends/ Option Income

Last July I only made $17.51, as CSCO was the only stock that I paid. This year I received a total $99.93, an approximately 470% increase. (CSCO alone accounted for $20.16 of that amount.) This amount brings the year total up to $1111.06. Last year I made $1132.01 in total and I am already almost at that 6-months in.

Options: I had two options trades that either expired or were closed in July. The put option on LULU netted a profit of $96.78. The DIA options trade resulted in a loss of $52.78. Altogether, I had net gain of $44 for options in July.

Symbol Dividend Amount Shares Bought @ Price
BAX $15.81 0.2136 74.0276
CSCO $20.16 0.7818 25.786
GE $28.85 1.1295 25.54
KO $25.89 0.6126 42.26
O $9.22 0.2048 45.0292

Total dividends for July 2014: $99.93
Total cumulative dividend income for 2014: $1111.06
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $2576.01

Total option income for July 2014: $44.00
Total cumulative option income for 2014: -$553.40

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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8 Responses

  1. Scott,

    Nice month! You almost crossed the $100 mark. Keep it up!

    And great job almost exceeding what you earned for the entire year of 2013 in just six months. The progress is real. 🙂

    Best wishes!
    Dividend Mantra recently posted…Limiting Risk: A Little Exposure To High Yield Goes A Long WayMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, DM! With dividend increases and reinvestment of dividends, I am up to $100.65 next July and that’s even without adding any additional capital. Pretty cool!

  2. Good job on the options. LULU is a sinking ship!!!!
    Asset-Grinder recently posted…July 2014 Dividend and Monthly Report UpdateMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Asset-Grinder. I agree. I was glad to get some additional income from a few rolls and even happier to to close out of it when I did!

  3. Scott,

    Happy to see you’re killing it as usual. Especially enjoying the options updates. I linked to you for my nomination of the Liebster Award, a way to discover new blogs among the community. Finish the week well and keep up the great work.
    Ryan @ My Dividend Growth recently posted…Liebster Award NominationMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks a lot for the mention on your site, Ryan! Also, thank you very much for the Liebster Award nomination. Both Johnny and I will love to write new posts soon answering the questions you posed. We’ll likely tackle them from slightly different approaches, which will be fun to see.

      Hope you have some capital to deploy soon. The dropping markets are making it much easier! And, fortunately, I only have a single put trade open…everything else I closed for gains already before the recent downtick.

      Best of luck to you too!

  4. DivHut says:

    Thank you for sharing your recent dividend income and option income for July. $100 in dividends is a nice milestone achieved. Congrats. Actually, my first goal after following a DGI model was to earn $100 a month average. Next goal, $1,000 a month. Step by step. Look forward to your next update.
    DivHut recently posted…Recent Stock Purchase – August 2014My Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, DivHut! My August income post is almost complete as well. That was another good month of dividends (and options this time!). Good luck with your $1000 a month goal. It will be an exciting day when I get up to that amount! Keep up the good work.

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