October 2014 Income

This October was another solid month, despite the fact that I only have 5 stocks paying dividends this month. I guess you could say it is one of my “off” months, yet I still received $100.72. That amount is approximately 30% higher than October of 2013. Other than BAX, which was not purchased in time to receive last October’s distribution, all the dividend increases were due to the company raising its annual dividend. The recent GE purchase did not contribute towards GE’s 2014 dividends. Next quarter the GE dividend (without any further dividend increases) will be $44.75.

Options: I have no current put options in play.

Symbol Dividend Amount Shares Bought @ Price
BAX $15.93 0.2235 71.29
CSCO $20.31 0.863 23.53
GE $29.09 1.1343 25.6455
KO $26.08 0.6127 42.57
O $9.31 0.2132 43.6587

Total dividends for October 2014: $100.72
Total cumulative dividend income for 2014: $1757.63
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $2758.17

Total option income for July 2014: $0
Total cumulative option income for 2014: -$255.85

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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8 Responses

  1. Nice job! I’m jealous of your ever growing GE position and am hoping to continue building mine. I have quite a bit of faith in there long-term prospects moving forward. And isn’t it amazing the power of the dividend growth strategy that your income is up as much as it is from the prior year just due to raises.
    writing2reality recently posted…Trades ā€“ October No-Cost Dividend Growth Portfolio PurchasesMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, W2R! Regarding GE, I was very happy to actually have some available cash when the market took that drop awhile back. I usually put my available cash to work immediately so it just happened to work out perfectly this time! I don’t try to “time” the market so this past buying opportunity was perfect.

      It’s been exciting to follow your Loyal3 picks too; lots of good choices there. Despite the fact they are stopping credit card purchases, I’m still looking at building up my positions on their platform.

  2. DivHut says:

    Thanks for sharing your recent dividend income update with us. $100 is a nice solid round number for passive income. I remember that one of my first goals was to earn an average of $100 a month in dividend income ($1200/year). My next goal, though still far away, is to earn $1000/month in dividend income. Happy to see a couple common names in your list above as mine. Look forward to your next update.
    DivHut recently posted…Is It Wise To Buy Stock After A Catastrophic Event?My Profile

    • scott says:

      DivHut, thanks for commenting. A goal of $1000/month is amazing. Definitely something to dream about for me at this point! Imagine how the dividends will snowball when we get up to that amount!

      Another update will be coming early next week. Debating about a few possible options: John Deere, Nestle, or invest more into one of my oil stocks (CVX or BP).

  3. FerdiS says:

    Nice to have a 100% increase in your dividend since last October. If only one could double every year for a few years!~
    FerdiS recently posted…Monthly Review, October 2014My Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks for visiting, FerdiS. If we could double every few years we’d soon run into the scenario that I talked about in my recent post on Visa. Very nice, but nearly impossible to maintain! I’ll just keep picking good stocks and adding more capital and go from there. Congratulations on your recent Seeking Alpha article. It’s great to see more dividend investors on that site.
      scott recently posted…Crazy Visa StatisticsMy Profile

  4. Hi, Two Investing.
    Nice month and nice website. I like to see that you are incorporating options trading into the mix. I look forward to spending some more time on your site as I continue to refine & formal my personal strategy. Happy Investing!

    Goosemann Jones
    Flight to Dividends Blog
    Goosemann Jones recently posted…Recent Purchase-BBVAMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Hi Goosemann Jones,

      Thanks! It has definitely been a fun journey so far. I’ll be checking out your site too and adding it to my blogroll. It is always great to see all the different ideas out there. Congratulations on starting the new blog. Come back anytime!
      scott recently posted…Purchase of More BPMy Profile

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