June 2015 Income

Sorry for the late June update. It seemed that not too long ago July had just started! I just moved to Chicago for work and have been busy getting settled here. I’ll post an update about that soon. Also, a new update is coming about another investment idea that I’ve been working on.

On to June’s income report:

June has historically been one of the higher payout months. Total dividend income for June 2015 was $451.84. In June 2014 I received $295.02; in June 2013, I received $143.66; and in June 2012, I received $77.18. I like the trend that I’m seeing!

Options: I don’t have any currently open put options.

Symbol Dividend Amount Shares Bought @ Price
AFL $23.74 0.3816 62.2186
AVA $51.66 1.701 30.3709
BMS $14.56 0.3174 45.869
BP $94.96 2.2148 42.6497
CVX $43.84 0.4309 101.737
EMR $20.85 0.3473 60.0286
HRS $23.76 0.3064 77.554
IBM $16.08 0.0944 170.2974
JNJ $46.10 0.4671 98.7014
O $9.94 0.2197 45.2383
SCHD $0.61 0.0157 38.795
TGT $26.40 0.3283 80.4188
TROW $9.42 0.1211 77.805
UL $4.35 0.099 43.93
V $15.39 0.2228 69.0651
VTR $15.39 0.2228 69.0651
WFC $32.06 0.5724 56.0066

Total option income for June 2015: $0
Total cumulative option income for 2015: $0

Lending Club interest for June 2015: $17.69
Cumulative Lending Club interest for 2015: $50.64
Lending Club Adjusted Net Annualized Return: 8.94%

June 2015 Dividend Income

Total dividends for June 2015: $451.84
Total cumulative dividend income for 2015: $2044.61
Total cumulative passive income for 2015: $2062.30
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $4,389.24

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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2 Responses

  1. Nice progress update! Your lending club returns look solid. I always wonder when I see others using LC: what does your horizon look like? Since LC is fairly new, are you still beta testing the platform with your method? Or are you in it LT?

    • scott says:

      Hi Mr. Modern Millenial,

      Thanks! The Lending Club has been working out pretty well so far. I only contributed $2000. Partly because I just want to try it out and partly because I don’t have much more available money right now. So far I have had two loans paid off early (paid off in less than 6 months a 3 year loan). That’s good for the people that have the loan but not good for collecting interest for me. I also have 1 or 2 loans which are 10-20 days late in payment. That dropped my annual yield from 11% to a little over 9%. We’ll see how those work out.

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