101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts

I was recently asked to participate in a survey collecting tips regarding dividend investing by Jimmy at Dividend Reference. I submitted a few and was happy to see that one of mine got picked (#38).

The tips have been divided into sections for easier reference:
Tips for First-Time Investors
Keys to Successful Long-Term Investing
How to Pick Good Dividend Stocks
How to Keep Your Investments Organized
How to Minimize Your Tax Bill
Lessons Learned
Bonus Section: Recommended Reading

There’s a ton of great information on there. It’s a great resource for new and more experienced investors alike.

You can read the article here:
101 Dividend Investing Tips from the Experts

And, in a few days I’ll publish the few other tips that I had as well.

6 Responses

  1. Ross says:

    Good tip!

  2. Scott,

    Totally agree with your tip! It is so easy to get excited about an investment opportunity and pull the trigger without thinking about how much your transaction costs are eating away at it. This is the reason I recently opened an account at RobinHood (after starting at Scottrade, which has been great!). Why pay $7.95 per trade when I can pay $0?


    • scott says:


      I apologize that I didn’t see your excellent comment until now! I have an account at Robinhood as well, though haven’t been using it that much. It and Loyal3 are great ways to invest often with little expense. I mostly do my investing with Schwab and have really grown to like the interface and portfolio analysis that Schwab offers. The commission is $8.95 there, but in the grand scheme of things I think it is worth it for the extra features.

  3. Frehiwot says:

    I think #5 is especially true “listen to old, rich peploe” I don’t think us younguns give the old timers enough respect or tap their knowledge as much as we should and from experience many older successful peploe are more than willing to share.

    • scott says:

      I don’t see where you’re finding #5, but tend to agree. I’d change it to say “listen to your elders,” however. It isn’t just knowledge about money that our elders can offer us!

      Thanks for the comment.

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