Recent Purchases – End of November 2015

While I don’t talk about sales of stock that often, I recently discussed a number of sales for tax purposes. I had sold the majority of my positions in BP, CAT, and IBM at the end of October.

At the end of November, I re-purchased these three companies. My hope was that I could buy the companies back at less than I sold them for or at nearly the same price.

I was able to buy back 100 shares of BP at $1.074 less than I sold it. I re-purchased 50 shares of CAT at $0.75 more than I sold it for. And, I re-purchased 20 shares IBM at $1.89 less than I sold it for. In these cases, I feel confident saying that the sales for tax-loss harvesting purposes was a success. I also increased my holdings in IBM by 9 shares.

These purchases of BP, CAT, and IBM increased my annual dividends by $240, $154, and $104, respectively.

BBL has also continued to drop in price so I purchased 85 additional shares, lowering my cost basis and adding $210.80 in annual dividends.

I also added a new position in Hersey Company by buying 30 shares, adding $69.60 in annual dividends.

Finally, I had some extra cash so bought 15 shares of PGX, adding $12.60 in dividends.

Altogether, these re-purchases and new purchases add $791.30 in annual dividends. My forward 12-month dividends is now officially over $5000/year, at $5414.05.

Company Symbol Shares Yield Expected Annual Dividend
BP BP 100 7.07% $240
BHP Billiton BBL 85 10.1% $210.80
Caterpillar CAT 50 4.32% $154
Hershey Company HSY 30 2.71% $69.60
International Business Machines IBM 20 3.7% $104
Powershares Preferred ETF PGX 15 5.65% $12.60

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks.

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6 Responses

  1. FerdiS says:

    Congratulations on hitting the $5,000 mark! That’s great going and quite an impressive growth to your portfolio. Keep up the good work!

    FerdiS, DivGro
    FerdiS recently posted…Recent Transfer: W.P. Carey, Inc.My Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, FerdiS! The really cool part will come when my Roth generates more than the $5,500 in additional capital I’m allowed to add. That won’t be for quite awhile in the future since I’m only at $1586 now!

  2. Congrats at 5000 a year! Thats still a pipeline dream for me

  3. Dave D says:

    Seems a little risky to have most of your eggs into one Apple 🙂 But many analysts think it is currently worth over $200 and a good buy and hold over the long term. Over 300% increase over time so who am I to question anyway? hold hold hold Thanks for the update.

    • scott says:

      Hey Dave D,

      It is a little risky, but Apple is a good stock, I think, for the long run. I have been selling some covered calls on Apple to diversify into other stocks. I might do that again in 2016 (for tax purposes) in order to move some of that money into other stocks. But, I wouldn’t mind keeping Apple as it is and bringing my other stocks up to that level. Thanks for the comment!

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