January 2017 Income

Wow! January 2017 is done already. Time is just flying!

This January I received $156.89, compared with $144.28 in January 2016. This is an increase of only 8.7%. It doesn’t seem like much but it is still much faster than inflation. January has typically been my lowest paying month, and this January is no different after a quick glance at my Dividend Calendar.

Options: I sold a put on GILD and made $114.99 in options premium. See my options trading page for further details.

Symbol Dividend Amount
BAX $4.19
CSCO $29.87
DIS $7.80
GE $103.68
O $11.35

Total option income for January 2017: $114.99
Total cumulative option income for 2017: $114.99

Total dividends for January 2017: $156.89
Total cumulative dividend income for 2017: $156.89
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $6,150.43

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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14 Responses

  1. Typically January is a lower month for me as well. Good thing is we can look to more dividends the rest of the year. Maybe I need to buy more GE. Thanks for sharing.

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Dividend Driven. Yeah, GE has been a great buy for me. I’m up quite a bit in it and the dividends are finally becoming good again. I had been an owner of GE back when they cut their dividend. I sold at that point and invested that money in other investments that performed well.

  2. Doug says:

    Over 300 is still good combined and 8 percent is positive anything positive is good.
    Doug recently posted…January DividendsMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Doug. It is nice that as the account gets higher and higher even small increases can really make a difference. Thanks for commenting!


  3. ambertree says:

    Combined, this is a nice income. 8 pct is way above inflation.

  4. That’s awesome and 8% isn’t that bad! I just posted my Jan #s as well. Keep rocking,
    Passive Income Dude recently posted…Passive Income Report: January 2017My Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Passive Income Dude. I’m okay with having January bringing in less dividends than the other months. By the time that I rely on the dividends to pay for life, the slight differences in income per month shouldn’t make that much a difference.

  5. Nice job on the divi income and the GILD put. I’ve been selling a few GILD puts every month. It’s been a great payer for me.
    Investment Hunting recently posted…January Dividend and Options IncomeMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks! I’ve made a lot in options premium in GILD as well. Now that I have over 100 shares of GILD again (since being assigned at $72/share), I just sold a strangle on GILD expiring on March 24th. The strikes for the put and call are 67.5 and 78. I also sold a call on AAPL before their earnings…didn’t think they’d crush it as much as they did. It’s currently in the money by $5-6. I’d have to pay over $500 to close it so think I might just ride it out and see what happens.


  6. January seems to be slow for everyone it seems. But still a great month it sounds like. Any growth is good growth in the long term. Thanks for sharing.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update – JanuaryMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Dividend Daze! I’ve been dividend investing since 2011 (when I finished medical school) and every little increase has been pretty fun to see. Thanks for commenting!


  7. Doesn’t seem like much? An 8% growth rate is great and it still outpaces inflation. You aren’t going to be able to post insane dividend growth rates every month, especially considering that dividend growth rates for companies slowed down during the year. You should be pumped about the results!!


  1. February 17, 2017

    […] Scott @ Two Investing – $156.89 – A solid list of dividend paying companies produced an 8% dividend growth rate compared to the same month in January 2016.  Nice job Scott!  We are digging the new banner on your website as well. […]

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