Latest stock purchases — AT&T and Kroger

My latest two purchases are additional shares of two companies that I already own.

On 5/30/2017, I purchased 200 shares of AT&T. While this slightly increases my cost basis, I feel that this is still a great entry point. AT&T is transitioning from being a slow growth telecom company functioning like a utility to a more high growth media company with recent purchases of Directv and the upcoming purchase of Time Warner. While I recently switched my cell phone carrier to Verizon since it is being paid for by work, if I had the choice I would still pick AT&T. AT&T’s data network had been much faster and more reliable than Verizon in all but a few locations. 

This AT&T purchase adds $392 in annual dividend income. It also brings my total share count up to 312 shares, in case I ever want to sell covered calls in the future.

The second purchase was one that looks like has been quite popular among dividend investing circles. I already had owned Kroger prior to Amazon’s announcement. But, when it was knocked down by 14% or so, I thought this was an excellent opportunity to dollar cost average down. On 6/16/2017, I purchased 150 shares of Kroger. This adds $72 in annual dividend income.

As of today, my forward 12-month dividend income is $7988.13. I just recently got paid and will be looking at some more purchases to finally crack that $8000 barrier. BAC’s recent dividend increase of 60% really helped as well, increasing my annual income by a whopping $73.12. BAC has been a great purchase in my Roth…I’m up 73.2% in it so far.

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11 Responses

  1. T is one of my favorite dividend stocks! Hoping that the Time Warner merger completes soon.
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  2. Nice moves Scott. Great minds think alike. I bought another 100 shares of AT&T two weeks ago.
    Investment Hunting recently posted…Stock Buy – L Brands IncMy Profile

  3. DivHut says:

    Both popular stocks in recent weeks. Nice yield with T. I think when the merger is complete a lot of the uncertainty about the stock will be lifted.
    DivHut recently posted…Recent Stock Purchase July 2017My Profile

  4. Hey TwoInvesting,
    i like your purchase of T and the timing. I think the recent price drop presents an opportunity to grab some shares. I added to my position a few weeks ago and now own 190 shares. If they trade at this price for a while i’ll pick up some more during 2017. And the Q2 numbers were good too…

    if you have the time you can look up my recent purchase of Daimler

    Best Regards,

    • scott says:

      Hi DividendSolutions,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m open to adding more AT&T as well. Despite buying a lot of GE in the last couple of months, it continues to look really nice at these values. I may add more there as well. I’ll take a look at your purchase of Daimler shortly.


  5. They both seem to be popular names recently. Would love to add more to my T shares but it makes up a decent amount of my portfolio already. Would also like to start a position with KR, especially after that big dip, but capital is limited. Just nice seeing a lot of value in the market right now. Think there are a few things I like better than KR so that position may need to wait for now. Nice buys! That will add a lot more dividend income.
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    • scott says:

      Thanks for the comment. Just checked your Portfolio on your page and you are so close to $1000 in forward dividend income. You’ll definitely get there soon.

  6. ramleona says:

    thanks for sharing good information

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