February 2018 Income

Better late than never! There’s been a lot of developments in my life that have taken me away from being able to update the blog as regularly. Foremost, I got engaged a couple of weeks ago. I’m very excited to begin this next part of my life with a wonderful woman by my side.

This has resulted in increases in costs too. I saved up money to buy the ring and have some additional expenses of saving money for the wedding and a future down payment on a house (we’re planning on building). And, to top it off, I started having some car issues so am buying a car as well. I’m not struggling but have not been able to invest as much lately because of this. I also could not be happier!

I will be trying to begin a more regular blogging schedule again, but work and wedding planning are, understandably, taking up a lot of my time.

I received $606.69 in dividends for February 2018. This is an approximately 161% increase from last February when I received $232.81.

Options: I am also back to trading some options again. I closed a couple calls that I had bought on BUD and made $1179.58 after fees. See my options tracker for more details.

Symbol Dividend Amount
AAPL $140.24
BMY $28.57
CAT $43.14
O $12.87
PGX $72.69
RY $38.07
T $271.11

Total dividends for February 2018: $606.69
Total cumulative dividend income for 2018: $957.63

Forward 12-Month Dividends: $10,882.74
Hourly wage based on 40 hour work week (2087 hrs): $5.21/hour
Hourly wage based on non-stop work (8760 hrs): $1.24/hour

Total option income for February 2018: $1179.58
Total cumulative option income for 2018: $1179.58

Full Disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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10 Responses

  1. Congrats Scott. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and that’s okay. Best wishes for a long future together with you wife to be! Tom
    Tom from Dividends Diversify recently posted…Southern ComfortMy Profile

  2. Nice scott. That is a great month. Over 600 in dividends and 1100 in options… just dont let the wife spend it on wedding extras!

    Haha cheers
    Rob @ Passivecanadianincome recently posted…February 2018 – Solar IncomeMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Rob! Yeah, it has been fun to see the dividend income grow largely by itself now. Fortunately, my fiancée is right with me when it comes to finances.

  3. Nice income on both fronts, Scott. That options total is awesome, as is the YoY growth in the dividend total.
    You must be quite busy, but you managed to deliver a post nonetheless. When things slow down a bit in the future you’ll look back and wonder how you managed it all. Congrats on the engagement!
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Monthly Dividend Income (Mar. 2018)My Profile

  4. Kyricus says:

    Just catching up. First off Congratulations! Some major life changes, but all for the better. I’m happy for you. Good post also. Always nice to see your updates

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Kyricus! Yep, a lot of major life changes. It is all going pretty smoothly so far. The latest is going through our credit cards to which ones to keep and merge. Fortunately, I don’t mind making the spreadsheets to analyze this.

  5. GYM says:

    Congratulations on the engagement!! Nice to know that some of your income that you got passively was probably used to buy the ring! 🙂 Have fun wedding planning! Stay away from Pinterest!

    • scott says:


      Thanks! Yep, a lot of the passive income is going to paying off the ring. The interesting thing about Pinterest is that I hadn’t started using it until my fiancée set it up for me. She was mainly using it to share the styles of rings she liked and didn’t like. We are now using it to plan the wedding.

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