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January 2014 Dividends

2014 started off strong with a huge increase in year-over-year dividends for the month of January. I earned $0 in January 2013 and 2012 (and only received $16.16 from an ETF I owned in January 2011). This month BAX ($14.70), CSCO ($17.76), and GE ($28.37) all paid their dividends bringing,...


A Reason To Be A Long-Term Investor

There are many strategies when it comes to investing or trading. (This list, of course, isn’t all inclusive but just a few different strategies.) One way is to be very actively involved and buy/sell frequently based on rumors or facts or analysts upgrades or downgrades. Another is to buy and...


Would you sell AAPL?

In April 2013 I purchased 9 shares of Apple at $401.76 per share. I thought they were cheap then and continue to feel that way now. At the time, I was earning a yield of 2.62% and making $95.40 in dividends per year. I still consider Apple a growth stock…the...


Scott’s Goals for 2014

2013 was a blockbuster year. Largely thanks to a loose Fed policy and low interest rates, stocks were again the best place to put your money. While I can’t expect such substantial gains (up over 30% in 2013), I will continue to invest 100% in stocks for the foreseeable future....


Selfish Anonymous Donations

While I’m not rich, by the fact that I’m living in the United States and have a steady, well-paying job, I do realize that I’m ahead of much of the rest of the world. Some of this is due to living below my means and not getting into huge amounts...


Best Dividend Stocks for 2014

Sometime soon I’ll update my goals and strategies for 2014. In the meantime, The Dividend Guy is offering a Kindle version of his dividend book, 2014 Best Dividend Stock Picks on Amazon. It is a quick, short read and will only be available for free until January 7th, at which...


2013 Dividends & Year-End Performance

With 2013 coming to a close, I thought I’d provide an update showing the performance of my portfolio and growth of dividends. 2013 was another great year to be a bull in the stock market. It was not a “stock picker’s” market…throw a dart and pretty much any sector has...


Do I Need to Market Time?

Maybe you just got your tax refund, reimbursed for a large work expense, or finally built up a good amount of cash that you wish to invest. With the Dow Jones at near record highs (16,294) at the time of this post, is now the right time? Should you wait...


November 2013 Dividends

November 2013 Dividends Received Apple Inc (AAPL) – $27.81 Kinder Morgan Inc (KMI) – $55.09 Total dividends received during the month of November: $82.90 In 2012 I received $0 in the month of November, while in 2011 I received $42.90 from BMY. Full Disclosure: Long AAPL and KMI


Recent Dividend Increases Q4 2013

Here’s a list of some recent dividend increases: Aflac (AFL) raised annual dividend per share from $1.40 to $1.48, increasing annual dividend from $82.19 to $86.89. Dividend CAGR: 5.71% BP raised annual dividend per share from $2.16 to $2.28, increasing annual dividend from $108 to $114. Dividend CAGR: 5.56% Kinder-Morgan...