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November 2015 Income

In total, I received $391.43 in dividends for November 2015. Last November I received $236.24, giving me an increase of 66% YOY! This includes only receiving $1.30 from CAT (versus $54 last quarter); the reason for this is that I sold CAT and then bought it back in order to...


Recent Dividend Increases April/May

Apple (AAPL) recently announced an approximately 15% dividend increase. It will now pay $3.05 per share per quarter (previously $2.65 per share), increasing my annual dividend from $95.40 to $109.80. Chevron (CVX) recently announced an 11.1% dividend increase to $1 per share (previously $0.90 per share), increasing my annual dividend...


Apple’s ‘disappointing’ 4th quarter

Apple had recently announced its 4th quarter 2012 earnings report. Despite posting a record $13.1 billion in profit, Apple’s stock has dropped significantly from its all-time high of around $700. I’m posting a few articles that puts their “disappointing” quarter into some perspective: The $13.1 billion in profit Apple posted...