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AAPL Covered Call Options

I’ve been starting to put in some options trades again and I wanted to finally let you guys know. I currently have around 324 shares of Apple. While I love Apple products and like them as a stock, that is around 26% of my dividend portfolio. Ultimately I’d like to...


KMI Covered Call July 2014

KMI Type: selling covered call Reasoning: As mentioned on the recent CSCO covered call sale, I also have greater than 100 shares of KMI within my Roth IRA. I have approximately 166 shares generating $279.39 a year in dividends ($69.85/quarter) and KMI next pays its dividend in August. My cost...


CSCO Covered Call June 2014

CSCO Type: selling covered call Reasoning: I’m trying to generate some additional income. CSCO pays its dividends in January, April, July, and October. They pay just over 3%, meaning that I’m generating just over $20 per quarter in dividends (with my 106 shares). My current cost basis for CSCO is...