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2016 Year-End Performance & Goal Review

Statistics Beginning 2016 Account Value: $158,053.76 Ending 2016 Account Value: $224,302.38 Dividend income in 2016: $4,858.55 Forward 12-month dividends: $5,442.09 Options income in 2016: $1,125.65 Total lifetime dividend income: $14,167.12 Post-tax salary: $120,977.63 Effect of dividend increases: $340.96. This is equivalent to investing just over $11,360 at a 3% yield....


End of year tax planning for 2016

With the end of the year coming up quickly I decided to sell a couple of companies that I have losses in and buy them back in early January to lock in those losses. Buying back the same stock is possible if you wait over 30 days to buy it...