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February 2016 Sales and Buys

Since I haven’t add much time to give updates as they happen, I’m going to include February’s transactions here. Despite not looking like it, I was actually quite busy this last month. As a reference, my dividend income at the start of the month was $5313. In my Roth IRA,...


Robinhood or Loyal3: Commission-Free Investing. Invites Available!

I’d like to quickly touch base on two of the most popular commission-free trading platforms. First Loyal3. Loyal3 has become popular among the dividend investing crowd. While it doesn’t offer the largest selection of stocks (currently 64), there are plenty of high quality options on it. It also offers some...


New monthly investments via Loyal3

It is very tough to time the market. People have tried to develop strategies to do that and all have failed in the long-term. What I do know is that high quality companies will eventually go up. If your investing horizon is long enough, then it really doesn’t matter what...