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2015 Year-End Performance

Statistics Beginning 2015 Account Value: $123,001.82 Ending 2015 Account Value: $153,615.72 Dividend income in 2015: $4,303.67 Forward 12-month dividends: $4,947.65 Options income in 2015: $855.70 Total lifetime dividend income: $9,297.86 Post-tax salary: $45,140 Pre-tax moonlighting income: $11,950 Effect of Dividend Increases Company Effect of Dividend Increase Apple $47.94 Aflac $4.93...


2014 Year-End Performance

2014 was another great year for stocks. Yes, oil-related stocks did drop a bit but overall the market continues to be strong. I look to add more oil companies on weakness if I have the cash available. Some statistics: Beginning 2014 account value: $68,907 Ending 2014 account value: $123,001.82 Net...


2013 Dividends & Year-End Performance

With 2013 coming to a close, I thought I’d provide an update showing the performance of my portfolio and growth of dividends. 2013 was another great year to be a bull in the stock market. It was not a “stock picker’s” market…throw a dart and pretty much any sector has...