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Calculating Your Annualized Return – XIRR Function

As the end of the year approaches, many of us will be writing blog posts about our portfolio and its performance over the past year. While it is easy to look at the starting and ending values and determine the percent change, this formula isn’t really what we should be...


Major portfolio spreadsheet update

I don’t usually release a new post for each revision to my portfolio template, but this one was such a major one that it warrants its own page. I was reading through some of the blogs in my blogroll and came across Ryan’s spreadsheet. It made mine look immediately outdated....


Updated Investing Spreadsheets

I recently made a few updates to the investing spreadsheets. The current “live” version can be found in my current investment portfolio. The first change is the creation of a dividend calendar. I got this inspiration from Hello Sucker’s Calendar page. This basically gives me a head’s up on the...