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New tastyworks Options Trading Platform

For a long time I’ve been a advocate of the excellent options trading knowledge from the people at tastytrade. tastytrade has live shows throughout the trading day and archives of everything to help you learn. If you don’t know, tastytrade was created by the people that ultimately ended up selling...


The Illogic of Active Trading – My Take

While we don’t know exactly why people are trading, Joe Kinahan, chief strategist at TD Ameritrade, made it pretty clear in an earlier news release: “Our clients have been dialing up equity market exposure and participating in the rally every step of the way.” In addition to all this trading...


Options Trading With dough

Update 3/30/2017: tastytrade just released tastyworks, their own options trading platform with $1 commissions and $0 to close. Update: 5/27/2014 There’s very exciting news regarding dough coming within the next few days. Listen from the 40:10 mark on this Talkin’ With Tom and Tony tastytrade video and you’ll see what...