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October 2017 Income

October brought in $491.47 in dividends. This is a massive increase of nearly 175% increase over the $179 that I earned in dividends last October. This increase is largely due to significant investments into GE over the past year. I will continue to accumulate GE at these depressed levels. The...


April 2017 Income

While April isn’t historically among the highest paying months, I did continue the trend of year-over-year dividend increases. April 2017 brought in $315.54. This is an increase of 81% compared to last April, which brought in $174.28. While I had a slight dip in year-over-year dividend income early in 2017,...


October 2016 Income

October hasn’t been one of my high payout months, yet it still generated $178.99. This is nearly $179 that I didn’t have to work for this month. It is even up 9.3% from last year! And, this amount does not include the Diageo dividend, which I must have just missed...