November 2014 Income

While I only have three stocks that pay their dividends in November, all three pay well and make up a large portion of my portfolio. Last November I made $82.90. This November I received a total of $236.24, a increase of 185%. This amount brings the year total up to $1993.87.

Options: I don’t have any currently open put options.

Symbol Dividend Amount Shares Bought @ Price
AAPL $153.72 1.3512 113.76
KMI $73.17 1.8077 40.48
O $9.35 0.2016 46.38

It will be fun to see the dividends from December, which has historically been a great dividend month for me. Despite estimates of around $391 expected in December, I’ll be just a few dollars short of my 2014 goal of receiving $2,400 in dividends. My 12-month forward dividends is significantly higher than this now, but, unfortunately, many of the purchases missed the ex-dividend dates and won’t be able to participate in the final distributions of the year.

Total dividends for November 2014: $236.24
Total cumulative dividend income for 2014: $1993.87
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $3,361.78

Total option income for November 2014: $0
Total cumulative option income for 2014: -$255.85

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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6 Responses

  1. Great month Two Investing! Your growth rate of 185% is very impressive, congrats on the progress. KMI is one of my favorite stocks in my portfolio. The company always seems to be rewarding us shareholders with a dividend increase. December is my favorite month for receiving dividends. Based on your growth rate in November, you are probably set to break you’re personal dividend record.

    Keep up the great work!
    Bert, one of the Dividend Diplomats
    Dividend Diplomats recently posted…Lanny’s November Income & Expense SummaryMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Bert! I agree with you on KMI. It should especially be poised to have great growth potentials after the recent mergers. You’re right, December should set a new dividend record for me. Best luck of in 2015!

  2. Some serious scratch coming in even with just three positions paying out. Pretty wild how big your AAPL position is… Anyways, I have a substantial position in KMI as well, and am more than happy to be a fellow shareholder there. Your forward 12-month dividends is setting you up for a really big jump in income for 2015.

    Keep up building that snowball.
    writing2reality recently posted…Trades โ€“ International Business Machines (IBM) PurchaseMy Profile

    • scott says:

      W2R, I’m constantly debating if I should sell some of the AAPL off to diversify. But then AAPL keeps going higher and higher (and will likely give a great dividend increase again) making it hard to part with. I always like to have a better place to put the money when I sell and right now it sure is hard to find that. What I’ll probably end up doing is allowing the market weight of AAPL to normalize over time as I purchase other equities. Nice timing on your IBM purchase!

      BTW, could you correct the grammatical mistype in my recent comment on your site. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. FerdiS says:

    Hi Scott — you’re making great progress. An increase of 185% over last year is phenomenal. Keep up the good work!

    Take care
    FerdiS recently posted…Monthly Review, November 2014My Profile

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