March 2019 Income

March 2019 brought in $1497.15. This was down very slightly from last March, which brought in $1560.64. When you take out the contribution of $116.66 from NAVI (which I sold) that was part of last March, I didn’t do too bad.

I’m doing this post from my iPad so I’ll add the chart images a bit later. I’m returning from a really good medical conference.

Options: See my Options trading page for open trades. I have no premium income to report since I did not close any trades this month.

Symbol Dividend Amount
ADM $22.34
AFL 134.91
AMGN $102.04
AVA $68.73
BBL $156.10
BAC $62.87
BMS $18.28
BP $51.40
CVX $35.21
EMR $54.32
GILD $159.47
HRS $37.48
HSY $23.34
IBM $115.20
INTC $41.68
JNJ $122.49
KR $36.19
LB $35.78
O $20.55
PGX $0.36
QCOM $31.61
TGT $134.91
TROW $15.30
UL $7.08
V $32.91
WFC $42.84

Total dividends for March 2019: $1497.15
Total cumulative dividend income for 2019: $2209.93

Forward 12-Month Dividends: $8715.96
Hourly wage based on 40 hour work week (2087 hrs): $4.18/hour
Hourly wage based on non-stop work (8760 hrs): $0.99/hour

Total option income for March 2019: $0
Total cumulative option income for 2019: $0

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

20 Responses

  1. Stalflare says:

    Ciao Scott,
    Looking at the latest option plays… Looks like you are VERY BEARISH on “O” (or reits in general), am I correct?
    Stalflare recently posted…March 2019My Profile

    • scott says:

      Hi Stal,

      I was bearish on O in the short term but still own them for the longterm in my Roth. That was a bad put option on my part and I still have yet to update that page to show that I closed that position.


  2. TwoInvesting –

    Great month, regardless of your old position that you sold. Who is paying you now are high quality companies and next year, you’ll be well over 10% higher than you are for March 2019.

    Dividend Diplomats recently posted…Expected Dividend Increases in April 2019My Profile

  3. Doug says:

    Good job some big dividends there. Keep it up.
    Doug recently posted…March 2019 Dividends.My Profile

  4. DivHut says:

    Still a very solid month with a lot of great companies paying you. Hitting 4 digits in a passive manner is serious cash. Keep up the solid work and look forward to next month’s year over year increase!
    DivHut recently posted…April 2019 Stock ConsiderationsMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, DivHut! Next month will be close for a year-over-year increase, but I’ll keep pushing forward and get it up as high as I can.

  5. You’re so close to cracking that $1 per hour mark for year round. You’ll reach that in no time. How awesome.
    Buy, Hold Long recently posted…Net Worth March 2019 (+9.69%)My Profile

    • scott says:

      Buy, Hold Long,

      I actually hit $1 per hour mark near the end of last year but had to sell some AT&T stock to pay for expenses. It dropped just below but will soon climb above it again. While I don’t like selling stock to pay for things, I guess that is what happens when you typically draw your checking account down to near zero each month. Moving forward my wife is doing the budgeting and we will have a little bit more of a cushion.

  6. DSFI says:

    Congrats on another solid month!

  7. Solid dividend income. Thanks for posting and I hope next month you can also post positive option income!



    • scott says:

      Thanks Torsten! I’m hoping to get back into posting about options again too. I had taken a breather, mostly because I didn’t have time to monitor them as closely as I would like.

  8. Mr. Robot says:

    That is some amazing dividend haul Scott. Almost $1500 is just insane.

    New subscriber to your blog!

  9. Doug says:

    Awesome month. Some big payers in there. Keep it up.
    Doug recently posted…March 2019 Dividends.My Profile

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