Transactions Sheet in Dividend Portfolio Tracker

The major December 2014 update to my Dividend Portfolio tracker added the ability to track stocks and dividends via individual entries on a transactions sheet.

Some commenters were asking about how to add new trades on my old version and, I agree, it was not intuitive. In fact, it was a downright pain to add new rows and update the formulas every time I made a new non-dividend reinvestment purchase.

While I consider myself decent at spreadsheets, much of what I know comes from a ton of trial and error. With the limited time I have, I just couldn’t think of a simple way to go about creating a transaction page without the hassle of creating a separate sheet for each and every company, which would kind of defeat the purpose.

Fortunately, I found a great example and tutorial done by Kyith NG of Investment Moats on his page, Free Online Investment Stock Portfolio Tracker Spreadsheet, which showed the code behind creating exactly what I was looking for.

I played around with his formulas and worked my way from the inside out in order to see what each function accomplished.

After figuring out how each formula worked, I was able to incorporate Kyith’s transaction tracker into the framework of my dividend portfolio tracker. Now there is a single transactions sheet in which every dividend, stock purchase and sale, and split is dated and recorded.

As always, these spreadsheets are solely for entertainment purposes. Please don’t rely on them for any official/ tax-related functions.

Please direct questions to the comments or the contact us page. If there are common questions, I’ll post the questions and answers on this blog.

Enjoy! (And thanks a lot, Kyith!)

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