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Did I reach my 2014 goals?

To recap, here are the goals for 2014 that I set on January 4, 2014. Goals for 2014: 1) Max Roth IRA ($5,500) as soon as possible 2) Generate at least $2,400 a year in dividends 3) Contribute at least $3,000 into 2-3 small cap growth stocks. 4) Begin experimenting...


2014 Year-End Performance

2014 was another great year for stocks. Yes, oil-related stocks did drop a bit but overall the market continues to be strong. I look to add more oil companies on weakness if I have the cash available. Some statistics: Beginning 2014 account value: $68,907 Ending 2014 account value: $123,001.82 Net...


Scott’s Goals for 2014

2013 was a blockbuster year. Largely thanks to a loose Fed policy and low interest rates, stocks were again the best place to put your money. While I can’t expect such substantial gains (up over 30% in 2013), I will continue to invest 100% in stocks for the foreseeable future....