Did I reach my 2014 goals?

To recap, here are the goals for 2014 that I set on January 4, 2014.

Goals for 2014:
1) Max Roth IRA ($5,500) as soon as possible
2) Generate at least $2,400 a year in dividends
3) Contribute at least $3,000 into 2-3 small cap growth stocks.
4) Begin experimenting with options trading as time and financial resources allow.
5) Improve content and reach of Two Investing, our new investing blog.

1) Max out Roth IRA
Passed. While I didn’t max it out as quickly as I had in recent years, I contributed the final amount into my Roth IRA in June with the purchase of TGT and KMI. I also wrote two articles on why I use a Roth and why early retirees should also use it.

2) Generate at least $2,400 a year in dividends
Failed (but was very close!). I received $2,357.66 in 2014. While I had contributed enough to meet the $2,400 goal, it was too late in the year to meet enough ex-dividend dates to actually receive the payout in 2014.

3) Contribute at least $3,000 into 2-3 small cap growth stocks.
Passed (sort of). While I have not yet directly purchased non-dividend paying high growth small cap stocks, I did indirectly through LEAPs. In February 2014, I purchased 1 contract of WPRT. At the time of purchase, 100 shares of WPRT would have cost me $1623. By purchasing the LEAP, I am able to take advantage of any huge price run ups, but also am exposing myself to much less risk. WPRT has a huge number of patents in alternative fuel and natural gas technology; I feel they have a huge potential ahead of them. Unfortunately, their stock performance has been horrible lately…thank goodness that there’s a year left on the option!

I also own GT Advanced Technology (you know the company that went bankrupt after they failed to meet Apple’s specifications for sapphire screens for the iPhone…that company!).

So far my “small cap” picks haven’t panned out. I hope to change that in 2015 with some longterm biotech purchases. See my upcoming 2015 goals for more details on that.

4) Begin experimenting with options trading as time and financial resources allow.
Passed. I had some great options premium months and some ones that didn’t turn out (see NFLX and AMZN).

I also was assigned 200 shares of GTAT after they failed to produce the quality sapphire screens that Apple demanded.

I finished the year with a net loss of $255.85 (not including the GTAT fiasco). After starting with $550 of losses in options early on, I made up a lot of lost ground in the second half of the year. I attribute that to better experience and knowledge.

5) Improve content and reach of Two Investing, our new investing blog.
Passed. I’ve made huge improvements in the scope and quality of the website. Johnny also wrote a few articles, but due to being very busy with residency, could not find the time to write much.

We’re fortunate to be involved in a great dividend investing community. We read and contribute to a number of great investing websites and are fortunate that a few of those smart people contribute to the comments here. We’re hopeful in the future that we can continue to improve the content and reach of our site.

I’m also very proud of the recent massive updates to my dividend portfolio spreadsheet, which is available on Google Spreadsheets.

How did I do?

Well, the only goal that I failed to meet was the annual dividend goal. I met 80% of my goals in 2014.

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9 Responses

  1. Good job on your goals! At least in 2015 you’ll easily pass $2,400! Look forward to seeing your 2015 goals

    • scott says:

      Thanks, DividendsForDummies. Yep, I should pass it without any problem. I’m already up to almost $3500 for 2015 without any additional investment. Got to love those increasing dividends!

  2. A great year, regardless of how you spin it. You pretty much carried the load on the blog, while putting enough capital to work to grow your dividend stream substantially. The miss on payouts was small, so not a big deal in my eyes. Keep on grinding and you’ll have a hell of a 2015; I know I’m looking forward to reading your goals!
    writing2reality recently posted…The Great Divide in P2P Lending: Institutional Demand and the Little GuyMy Profile

    • scott says:

      W2R, thanks! One of my goals will be to definitely get Johnny to write more. When he has written, it has been really high quality stuff. Might try to have some other friends guest write as well. I’ll get those 2015 goals out by the end of the weekend. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Scott,

    $2300 in annual dividend income is impressive, great job. I will be looking forward to seeing your 2015 goals as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mr. Captain Cash

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Mr. Captain Cash. I enjoyed reading through your site too. Financial Independence LifeStylers is a monster! It looks like next December though you should blow them by, at least for that month. How long before you anticipate beating them in an annual basis? Also, will you be adjusting FIL’s income to account for effects of inflation?

  4. FerdiS says:

    Great job on your goals — I would call the dividend income goal a success, too — you’re just a few dollars short! Anyways, good luck for 2015 and keep up the great work!
    FerdiS recently posted…Monthly Review, December 2014My Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, FerdiS. You’re right I was very close. I guess I did an okay job predicting last January! We’ll see how 2015 goes. I’ll be moving to Chicago for a year of fellowship where not only my cost-of-living will increase, but my salary will decrease! Not a great combination to have, but again it’s only for year. Have a happy 2015!

  5. Very good job on the goals for 2014. It is always nice to accomplish goals. With all the schooling and work, you seem to be making very nice progress. Well done.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

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