Purchase of KO

Coca-Cola was the first stock that I bought back in 1996. I held onto it until I needed the money to pay for my education. Really wish I would have continued to hold onto it because the amount of dividends coming in (and capital gain) would have been huge after a 15+ year period. However, my education has turned out to be a good investment and will even be a better one in a few years once I’m done with residency and fellowship.

Coca-Cola is rarely cheap so with this recent slight dip I picked up a few shares. I prefer to buy about double what I did but didn’t have the free cash to do that currently and wanted to make sure I at least bought some at the current prices. KO is one that I’ll continue buying but likely hold forever.

This purchase will add approximately $49.28 to my annual dividend. My estimated annual dividend is now $1,495. I will be able to participate in the remaining two quarters of Coca-Cola’s dividend payouts this year. My entry yield is 2.89%. This does slight lower my portfolio’s average dividend slightly (from 3.09%). However, I do expect KO to continue to raise the dividend annually, like they have been doing the previous 51 years.

Company Symbol Shares Price Yield Expected Annual Dividend
The Coca-Cola Company KO 44 $38.749 2.89% $49.28

Full disclosure: Long KO

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