“Clean” Version of Dividend Portfolio Tracker

I’m excited to let you guys know about an update to my dividend portfolio tracker. I’ve had a few people ask for my help in editing the spreadsheet to get their own stocks to show up. In helping these people, I realized how difficult it can be to get everything to work properly. Columns were labeled with the different years, some cells had formulas while others were updated manually, etc, etc.

In presenting the spreadsheet to the public I used made up stock purchases of a number of companies in order to “fill in” the spreadsheet. It looked good this way because there were numbers and data which filled pretty charts. While it looked nice nice from the outside, it did create some problems. It was especially difficult for the spreadsheet beginner because right off the bat there were some cells that needed to be fixed in order to work properly with new data. This new version is still a spreadsheet so isn’t completely automated but should work much better for the average user.

In version 3.0 (see revision history) of my Dividend Portfolio Tracker with Transaction Sheet, I’ve decided to create a clean version. By this I mean a version that has all the data cleared out. Right now, without making any changes to the formulas, it is ready to track up to 50 stocks.

To access this new version, please go to the usual Investing Spreadsheets page. I have a description of the function of each sheet as well. It should be even more self-explanatory now since there are no pre-existing numbers to delete. I’m also hoping to release some videos showing how to make some of these edits.

Please let me know what you think. Thanks!

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7 Responses

  1. FerdiS says:

    Though I have my own portfolio tracking spreadsheet, I think it is great that you update and share this public portfolio so beginner investors have a jumpstart! Thanks for doing that!

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  2. Dylan says:

    Hi Scott,

    Great work. I already adapted it to my needs. I already had liked Keith Ng’s version, but I like this one even more. As I am an European investor with focus on UK stocks and global ETFs, the dividend information doesn’t work very well (yahoo, google don’t track the data as far as I can see). Do you know of any way to incorporate ETF dividend data such as FRA:DXSB or DXSB.F on yahoo?

    Keep up the good work!


  1. June 19, 2015

    […] “Clean” Version of Dividend Portfolio Tracker @ Two Investing […]

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