Latest purchases bring me about $9000/year! — AT&T, GE, NAVI

I just made a couple of purchases today. These are all dividend payers and ones that I’m adding to positions I already have.

First is AT&T. I purchased an additional 100 shares of T at $37.1359/share. This adds $196 in annual dividend income. While this purchase does slightly increase my cost basis in AT&T, I do feel that it is still undervalued at this level, especially since I don’t think the acquisition of Time Warner is completely priced in. Altogether I’m getting $815.61 in annual dividends from AT&T.

My second purchase is General Electric. I purchased an additional 100 shares of GE at $24.35/share. This purchase lowers my cost basis since GE has been heading down lately. I think this is a good time and price point to purchase additional shares. They have plenty of growth opportunities ahead and are on the forefront of the industrial Internet of things. I’m also optimistic to see the new CEO’s plans. I bet the stock will see a pop after that announcement, which, I think, happens in November. The only issue is that GE is becoming quite a large component of my portfolio… This purchase adds $96 in annual dividends. Altogether I’m getting $1004.53 in annual dividends from GE.

My last purchase today was Navient. NAVI is a spinoff from Sallie Mae and has a large portfolio of government backed loans. A small portion of your student loan payment gets returned to me as dividends. Thanks! I originally purchased NAVI in March 2016. I was up about 14% or so prior to today so my initial thesis was solid. This purchase adds $96 in annual dividends. Altogether I’m getting $267.19 in annual dividends from NAVI.

Today’s purchases total $8262.83 and will bring in a combined annual dividend of $388.


I’m now up to over $9000 in forward 12-month dividends! It was only back in May of this year that I made purchases that took me over $7000/year.

Forward 12-Month Dividends: $9,081.76
Hourly wage based on 40 hour work week (2087 hrs): $4.35/hour
Hourly wage based on non-stop work (8760 hrs): $1.04/hour

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23 Responses

  1. Congrats! It’s over 9,000! (if you got that reference from my childhood lol). Great buys that add a huge dividend amount to your portfolio. Funny that your T position generates more dividends than my whole portfolio does in a year haha. Nice work.
    Dividend Daze recently posted…Dividend Update – August 2017My Profile

  2. Doug says:

    Good job. Real quick additions. seems ike sometimes they add up fast and other times a little slower but it all adds up. Good job keep it up
    Doug recently posted…MSFT Dividend raiseMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Doug. Yep, every little bit helps. Since my portfolio has gotten a little bigger now, it is cool how the dividend reinvestments are sometimes buying multiple shares every quarter.

  3. Wow. Congrats on crossing the $9,000 mark. That is a pretty darn impressive feat. Plus, now you have $10k in your sights and I’m sure you are very hungry to get there. I like the purchases you made and the additions to your portfolio.

    Take care!


    • scott says:

      Bert, Thanks! Yep, I will hopefully be at $10k in forward dividend income by early next year. That’s the goal right now at least. Take care as well!

  4. Jay says:

    Congrats on continuing to grow your dividend snowball! 9K in investing income is awesome – nice work on your steady and impressive progress!
    Jay recently posted…How Do You Know What Stocks To Watch?My Profile

  5. Dave says:

    Awesome…keep the foot on the gas. I notice a lot of DGI are dropping out and their blogs are dead links.

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Dave. I’ve noticed that too. Fortunately some good new ones are popping up. It definitely takes a lot of work to keep the blog going. Comments like yours are one thing that keeps me going. Thanks for hanging around!

  6. FerdiS says:

    Congratulations, Scott! Those are great buys and I love that you’re over $9k now… keep up the good work!
    FerdiS recently posted…6 Dividend Increases: September 11-15, 2017My Profile

  7. Great update. I bought 100 shares of AT&T last week too. The juicy yield is too good to pass up. I’ve picked up a few shares of GE hear and there over the past 6-months. But, I agree with you. A new CEO could lead to immediate upside. I may add more here.

    I’ve never heard of Navient. I’ll do a little research there. Thanks for sharing and congrats on crossing $9k!
    Investment Hunting recently posted…My Cryptocurrency Portfolio Update – Etherium and Litecoin SellsMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Appreciate the comment, as always. It is looking like AT&T and GE remain well valued here. GE is already such a huge part of my account that I may have to load up more on AT&T. The yield is great and I think the growth aspect is now there too.

  8. AG says:

    How do you figure out your yearly dividends ?

    • scott says:

      Hi AG. Thanks for commenting. The yearly dividends are calculated for me automatically by using my Dividend Stock Portfolio tracker available here. It is just a matter of knowing the yield of all the stocks you own and then adding them all up.

  9. DivHut says:

    Nice to see some heavy buying continue. I can always appreciate continued buying in the face of ever higher markets. Only stock I’m considering from your buys is GE. Still looks interesting at current levels with a yield that’s close to 4%. Congrats on boosting your total dividend income!
    DivHut recently posted…I Bought CryptocurrenciesMy Profile

    • scott says:

      Thanks, DivHut. Exciting to see you get into cryptocurrencies. I’ll be commenting on your post soon. I already own over 1000 shares of GE so might hold back on them for a bit.

  10. Just awesome that you’ve gone from $7K to $9K in forward dividend income in less than 6 months. That’s some aggressive growth right there! Keep this up and the dividends may soon dwarf your purchase amounts. Very inspiring to see such progress. Those annual dividend amounts from T and GE are eye-popping, too.
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Portfolio Thoughts (Sept. 2017)My Profile

    • scott says:

      Engineering Dividends, I know! Very crazy how fast the dividend income has been going up. And that’s even with investing some in non-dividend paying growth stocks. It will be awesome when the dividends exceed my purchase amounts. It will be a long time before that happens, however.

      Thanks for the comment!

  11. Ross says:

    Congrats on 9k! And those sound like some good purchases — GE, especially I think, is going to be interesting to watch in the future here.

  12. Mr. ATM says:

    T was a good buy, I added as well on the dip.

    Regarding GE, I would wait till Nov to see what happens to the dividend and the overall capital allocation. The CEO said “there are no sacred cows”, so I wouldn’t take off dividend cut from the table. And if dividend does get cut, we can see another sell off down to mid teens. That’s where I would be interested in buying it.

    Mr. ATM

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