January 2018 Income

This January I received $350.94, compared with $156.89 in January 2017. This is an increase of 124%. I also maxed out my Roth IRA this month. In an upcoming post I’ll be talking about the investments that I made with that money.

Options: See my options trading page for further details.

Symbol Dividend Amount
AMH $10.00
BAX $5.21
CSCO $34.49
CY $28.12
DIS $42.12
GE $180.84
O $12.44

Total option income for January 2018: $0.00
Total cumulative option income for 2018: $0.00

Total dividends for January 2018: $350.94
Total cumulative dividend income for 2018: $350.94
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $9,619.51

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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21 Responses

  1. Nice job and nice group of stocks Scott. Except for GE. That one has put a nasty hole in my wallet. Tom
    Tom from Dividends Diversify recently posted…Reflection on a Market Correction & What Did I Buy?My Profile

  2. Woot. Nice income and massive growth over last yr. Nice companies and great payout from disney. One that i have been debating getting before they start their streaming service.
    Keep it up
    Rob @ Passivecanadianincome recently posted…Restaurant Brands International – New Buy & Massive RaiseMy Profile

    • scott says:


      Thanks! I like Disney too. Not super thrilled about all these companies starting competing services from a consumer standpoint. I liked it when you just had to subscribe to Netflix and that was it. From an investing standpoint I think it will work out great for Disney.

  3. Two I –

    Killing it over there, insane growth and big checks. Keep it up!


    • scott says:


      Thanks! Growth is going nicely. The checks help as well. Been slow on the updates lately. A bunch of big life events coming up. (All good ones!) I’ll blog about it soon.

  4. DivHut says:

    Wow… a triple digit year over year gain is something to be proud of. GE has been a heavy hitter for you I see. I’m still holding my GE stock and maybe even adding more. Thanks for sharing.
    DivHut recently posted…Dividend Income Update January 2018My Profile

  5. Wow that is outstanding growth! Over 100%! And being able to max out the Roth already takes a little pressure off for the rest of the year. Has more time to build too since you maxed it out so early. Keep up the good work!

    • scott says:

      Thanks, Dividend Daze! Yep, it feels good to max that out. I also just recently started contributing to my work’s 401k. Will be blogging about that soon.

  6. Money Hungry says:

    Very nice YoY increase! Like you, I maxed my Roth contribution for 2018 already. Takes the pressure off. I’m not sure why I haven’t purchased some Disney yet. I feel like the company is still trading a a decent valuation. Maybe one day.
    Money Hungry recently posted…Stock Purchase February 2018My Profile

  7. Wow, over half of the total from GE! Considering their dividend cut that’s quite the position. I’m hoping they turn it around and reward the patient shareholders. What really caught my eye in your report, though, is that your are nearly at the $10K mark for forward dividend income. Excellent news, Scott! No options income though. Are you taking a break in that area?
    Engineering Dividends recently posted…Monthly Options Income (Feb. 2018)My Profile

  8. Leo Tat says:

    124% is a massive jump in dividends, and looks like GE is on fire!
    Leo Tat recently posted…What Is Magnesium Good For? 37 Health Benefits, Deficiency, Side EffectsMy Profile

  9. Nesquick says:

    Scott, thank you ever so for you post.Much thanks again.

  10. Terrance says:

    I don’t know if this is the right board to contact you but I wanted to congratulate you on the Dividend stock portfolio tracker. It does an excellent job of my portfolio management.
    My only hiccup is the ‘DivPayoutCal” page. I receive #NA in column C ‘Annual Dividends’, and column E ‘Payout Dividend’. The formulas seem to be in place but I am no Google sheet expert. Is there and input on a previous page I am omitting? Again thanks for the help.

  11. Great work!

    I love watching your monthly income climb.
    Steve Bromley recently posted…Dividend Income Report – February 2018My Profile

  12. Doug says:

    Good job. Did you build up GE since the Cut? Ive had my eye on more CSCO but have not bought it maybe soon who knows? Keep it up.
    Doug recently posted…FEB 18 Dividend reportMy Profile

  1. August 21, 2020

    […] Two Investing – $350.94 – WHOA.  124% increase year over year?  You are giving HHWG a run for her money, noted above.  I see Disney (DIS) and General Electric (GE) sending massive checks your way.   Hope Disney (DIS) has some great dividend news this year.  Congrats! […]

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