November 2015 Income

In total, I received $391.43 in dividends for November 2015. Last November I received $236.24, giving me an increase of 66% YOY! This includes only receiving $1.30 from CAT (versus $54 last quarter); the reason for this is that I sold CAT and then bought it back in order to harvest the tax loss. Didn’t really time the ex-dividend date super well!

I’ve received $3823.34 so far in 2015. This is $340 more in dividends than I received in all of 2013 AND 2014. Pretty cool! I can definitely see the progress of the dividend growth and reinvestment.

Options: No current open options.

Lending Club: $17.00 in interest

Symbol Dividend Amount
AAPL $64.53
CAT $1.30
KKR $80.74
KMI $88.87
O $10.19
PGX $97.51
T $48.29

Total option income for November 2015: $0
Total cumulative option income for 2015: $855.70

Lending Club interest for November 2015: $17.00
Cumulative Lending Club interest for 2015: $122.69
Lending Club Adjusted Net Annualized Return: 7.02%

November2015 Income

Total dividends for November 2015: $391.43
Total cumulative dividend income for 2015: $3823.34
Total cumulative passive income for 2015 (dividends, interest, options): $4801.73
Forward 12-Month Dividends: $5351.55

Full disclosure: Long all the above stocks

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