March through July 2016 Income Updates

Man, I’m behind! I’m finally getting settled in my new job in Minnesota and decided to finally get going on the blog posts. Believe it or not, I do have a few posts in draft status just awaiting the finishing touches. Updates for the dividend portfolio spreadsheet will be coming soon. I’ve been putting in 11-12 hour days at work and I’ve basically been getting home the last week, crashing on the couch, and watching the Olympics until 11.

First off, the dividend income updates. I won’t list the contributions of each stock on this post, but that information is, as always, available on my portfolio page DivCalendar tab.

March: $740.86 (an increase of $123.54 from 2015)
April: $174.28 (an increase of $13.39)
May: $413.78 (a decrease of $21.17)
June: $625.02 (an increase of $173.18)
July: $181.06 (an increase of $2.05)

Total in 2016 through July: $2598.64

There was a small decrease in May due to selling some Apple and buying stocks that paid in June. I’m also anticipating a lower month of August due to that and the prior dividend cuts as well.

The new job is going well but have yet to receive the first paycheck. I’ll be buying stock with the majority of that and can’t wait!

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2 Responses

  1. $2600 in dividends, that’s a lot of money! It pays for 6 months rent where I live so that’s fantastic 🙂 I love investing in dividend paying stocks because there’s a whole army of people out there working hard to make me richer. Sounds like a great life to me!

    • scott says:

      Finance Solver, Thanks for commenting. $2600 for six months of rent sounds terrific! That would be similar to what I was paying in college (but then I also shared that house with 5 other guys!). Looking forward to checking more on your blog.

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